Booking Terms

These are our standards, which apply to every project unless specifically discussed and agreed upon in advance.


Our standard shoot day is 8 hours.  If a client wants a longer base day (e.g., 10 hours) we must be advised ahead of time, so the differential can be reflected in the artist’s rate.  After 8 hours from the start of the day, overtime will be charged in full-hour increments at straight-time for the next two hours; after 10 at time+1/2 for the next two hours; and any time past 12 hours will be billed at double-time.

It is expected that every day will include at least one break for a meal.

Prep and wrap days are billed in half- or full-day increments at the same base rate as the shoot day.  Travel days are billed at half rate.

Rates vary by artist and according to the project’s intended usage.  If a project is booked for one usage and is later used for another (eg., editorial shoot that is later turned into an ad campaign), we will invoice for the differential in the artist’s rate.

We consider a confirmation to be a commitment.  Once an artist has been confirmed on a project, all other job offers for that time are turned down.  Therefore, please know that once a booking has been officially confirmed, it is considered fully billable.  

(Exceptions are made only for emergencies or hazardous conditions.)

Our agency fee is 20%, additional to all artists’ fees (including prep, travel, OT etc.).

Invoices will be issued as soon as possible after the project, once the paperwork is complete, and are payable within 30 days.  


Please contact us to discuss any concerns.